The moment you trespass the door at Casa Jordi, you get into a country house. Decorated respecting tradition, with ceramic tiles like those of the XVII century, we have set all kinds of halls to make your stay at the restaurant the most intimal and personal. We have halls with capacity from 8 to 44 guests, perfect for business meetings, friends or family celebrations. We have also arranged the tables in different corners, providing an extra touch of privacy. Tell your needs to our maître Lluís Cortinas and he will help you choosing the hall or table that will guarantee the best experience at Casa Jordi, the country house in Barcelona city centre.


Decorated with ceramic tiles with floral motifs, this hall is located near the kitchen, which will allow you to feel the ambience of the stove, if wanted,. You can have meetings on imperial tables for up to 22 guests, but there are also other tables which offer much more intimacy.


b_55This hall is decorated with ceramic tiles with fisherman motifs and with the icon of the patron saint of the restaurant, Sant Jordi (Saint George). The hall has several intimate tables and the Clock table. The assorted cheeses and pastries are stored in this hall located in the first floor.

SALO This hall is decorated with paintings from different Catalan artists. One of the backs of this hall simulates the stern cabin of an ancient boat. Art surrounds our guests and help inspiring sensations while tasting the dishes from our menu.

Taula rodona

A totally private hall with a capacity for 12 guests.